"Green life" in Hong Kong and Taiwan: cornmeal tableware

Publication time:2018-01-29 15:24:37

Do the dishes, seafood, green corn waste plastic bottles made of jersey...... These new things are a new fashion derived from the idea of "green life" in Hong Kong and Taiwan at the time. "Green life" advocates frugality, green low carbon, civilized and healthy lifestyle and consumption patterns. "Green" is now the concept of fashion and money in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Restaurants, hotels, farms, homes and even real estate development are both organic, environmentally friendly and low carbon. As large enterprises also launch related products, the environmental protection market has become diversified and upscale.

Environment-friendly seafood, corn tableware

The people in Hongkong love to eat seafood. Last year, there were nearly 500 thousand tons of seafood eaten by Hong Kong people each year. The sea resources were overfishing. In order to change the unsustainable way of life, the concept of "environmentally friendly seafood" has sprung up in Hongkong. On June 27th held in Hongkong "green seafood week", hundreds of restaurants in Hongkong will be launched by the World Wildlife Fund approved "green seafood menu", will also launch the "green carbon diet", the basic food selection of local ingredients, to reduce carbon emissions generated by long-distance transportation. A few years ago, the Hongkong SAR Government on the shark's fin, bluefin Tuna and seaweed from the official dinner menu removed, many hotels also stop for the shark's fin dishes, instead of to a rare mushroom, bird's nest and other ingredients. Now, many young people will choose to eat only green and green food. They say they need to care for the earth at the same time. Green life, the tide of Hong Kong and Taiwan is consistent. The concept of the promotion of organic agriculture in Taiwan from the 80s of the last century has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Eat organic food, wear cotton clothes, the use of natural materials, second-hand books have become Home Furnishing green tide. Recently, the "Taiwan Green Tour" held an environmental tableware exhibition in Tianjin. The tableware is corn and other natural plant materials, plant extract starch in poly lactic acid by fermentation, after polymerization, producing chopsticks, cups and other kinds of life and kitchen supplies. This kind of natural material is thrown into the soil and will be 100% after 3 to 6 months.

Microbial decomposition.

Plastic bottle shirts appear in the world cup

In Hongkong and Taiwan, "green life" is becoming more and more extensive: beauty, kitchen waste treatment, food safety, construction, travel... The concept of "green building" is particularly hot in Hongkong. Huang Jinxing, director of the Hongkong Environment Bureau, told the media last month that Hongkong should push green buildings in the next 10 years to guide the people to use energy well. In the words of Hongkong middle school, environmental protection facilities everywhere: campus built organic farms, the roof is planted with plants, classroom by LED lighting, solar panels and wind power generation device...... In 2013, San Yan middle school was named "the world's most green school" by the Green Building Commission of the United States, which could reduce the electricity bill by 300 thousand Hong Kong dollars a year. The 2014 World Cup football match, France, Brazil, Holland and other 10 national teams of shirts, the production material is actually recycled plastic bottles, and the origin is Taiwan. After more than ten years of research, Taiwan enterprises have developed a high-tech recycling plastic material for environmental protection. This kind of environmental fabric can be wet, sweating and pulling. It is suitable for the fierce football match, and the global market share is 70%. There are also completely decomposed environmental mask, far infrared antiseptic wood floor, environmental building materials and environmental textiles in Taiwan market. "Green" products are all over the world.

The environmental industry can also make money

Environmental protection does not mean burning money, and the formation and improvement of the "green" industry chain has made the people of Hong Kong and Taiwan tasted rich economic returns. The green living store in Hongkong has the idea of "making money for environmental protection". Hongkong's first green Green Earth Society life concept store, which is full of green life activities: to give the wardrobe without insecticide, bad and harmful mothballs, with natural wood beads can eliminate the odor; artificial fragrance is not the only choice, but also with the volcano stone; insomnia, headache does not have to rely on drugs, Medical Resonance music can alleviate pain...... It is reported that there are nearly 100 similar stores, and some have even opened their stores to Singapore. Taiwan's "green" industry chain is more perfect. Some green industries have a strong ability to "salvage gold". In 2014, more than 310 thousand passengers from all over the world were admitted to Taiwan leisure farms, bringing about 900 million yuan for NTD sightseeing benefits. Taiwan Qing Jing farm, flying cattle ranch and so on are very hot among the young people in the mainland. The leisure farm is not a simple farmhouse. Besides agricultural products, it also provides a variety of rural leisure activities, such as mountain riding, children's natural classroom, folk experience, etc., which not only reflects the pursuit of comfortable life for urban people, but also follows the friendly environment.