The definition of environmentally friendly tableware

Publication time:2018-03-26 14:32:58

The tableware is the materials used harmless, non-toxic and tasteless, easy degradation, manufacturing, use and destruction process without pollution, the quality of the products can meet the requirements of national food hygiene products, after use is easy recovery, easy disposal or easy to acertain food container characteristics. Environmental tableware does not mean degrading tableware, and degrading tableware is only one of the types of environmentally friendly tableware.

True and false recognition of environmental tableware

1. counterfeit environmental plastic tableware - hand touch soft, light tear on the rupture, a sniffing and choking eye, hot deformation and easy leakage;

2. counterfeit pulp tableware - poor strength, deep color, serious oil seepage and seepage phenomenon;

3. no factory name, no trademark, no production date on the packing box and lunch box.

4. the counterfeit tableware is heavier than the qualified products, and it is easy to sink in the water after tearing (the proportion of qualified products is less than 1, and will not sink).

5. the price is cheap, such as the ordinary fake corn starch tableware suit price is generally below 0.40 yuan, and the real environmental cutlery price is more than 0.42 yuan.

The overall scale of China's environmental protection industry is relatively small, and its boundary and connotation are still extending and enriching. With the development of China's social economy and the adjustment of industrial structure, the direct contribution of China's environmental protection industry to the national economy will grow from small to large, and gradually become an industry that improves the quality of economic operation, promotes economic growth and improves the level of economic technology. The direction of industrial connotation expansion will mainly focus on clean technology, clean products, environmental services and so on. The concept of China's environmental protection industry will also evolve into "environmental industry" or "green industry".

During the period of 11th Five-Year, China's environmental protection industry is expected to maintain an annual 15%-17% growth rate. The key areas of environmental investment include water environment, air environment, solid waste, ecological environment, nuclear safety and radiation environmental protection, and environmental capacity building.

In 2010, the annual gross income of the environmental protection industry will reach 8800-10000 billion yuan, of which the comprehensive utilization of resources is 660 billion yuan, the output value of environmental protection equipment is 120 billion yuan, and the output value of environmental services is 100 billion yuan.